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Window Film & Glass Tinting

  • Victoria’s most experienced company with in-house installers
  • Free local consultations with installations completed in 3 to 5 business days
  • Professional, courteous, and always on time
  • Convenient weekend and evening time slots available

Solar Window Films

Solar Window Films instantly reduce solar heat gain, UV rays & protect against fading.

Seismic Window Films

Earthquake safety for windows is finally here.  Learn more about Seismic Window Films.

Window Tinting

It is very effective at increasing privacy and reducing the harmful effects of the sun. 

Decorative Window Films

Privacy window films, computer-cut graphics and more for the business and home environment.

What Makes Us Different from Our Competitors?

There are many window film, graphics and blind options available for you to choose from and many installing companies that can do the work, so why choose Prodigy Window Solutions for your project?

We offer multiple cost-effective solutions to enhance your windows, walls and floors.

With almost 25 years of product knowledge and industry experience, we stand behind our work.

Warranty schedules: Residential lifetime for window film, 5-year warranty for window coverings and 3 years for graphics.

Paul Johnson

The owner of Prodigy Window Solutions is Paul Johnson. He’s a Victoria native and grew up on the West Shore. In 1994, he started tinting automobiles and quickly became one of the best flat-glass window film installers in Canada.

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Latest News

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure? The answer is no, window film does not cause seal failure.  In fact, laboratory testing has demonstrated that Insulated Glass Units are not negatively effected by window film.   Therefore, seal failures in dual pane windows happen...

Window Films Enhance Low E Windows

Window Films Enhance Low E Windows Window films enhance Low E windows in a number of ways.  They can be safely applied to these types of windows with no worries of damaging seals or fracturing of glass.  Learn what Low-E windows are, how they work and why window film...

Security Window Film – Victoria

Security Window Film - Victoria - A cost-effective way to protect your home or business from unwanted intruders. Security window film applied to the surface of a window, transforms ordinary glass to laminated glass.  Best results are achieved when it's installed onto...

VISOA – Window Films

VISOA - Window films are designed to be applied to existing windows.  They are a better and cheaper alternative to full window replacement and can save you a lot of money. Is your strata considering replacing windows or installing A/C units? If so, you need to contact...

UV Reducing Window Film

UV Reducing Window Film - For your home or business UV reducing window film is the most effective way of increasing fade protection.  Applied to the inside surface of your windows, it acts as a protective barrier and eliminates >99% of UV rays.  Available in clear...

Heat Wave – Victoria Window Film

Heat Wave - Victoria window film & glass tinting solutions is a very smart decision.  It's a great way to combat rising temperatures.  Window film provides increased comfort and piece of mind year-round. Window film reduces solar heat gain, sun glare and UV rays. ...

Victoria Window Films & Glass Tinting

Victoria, window films & glass tinting products reduce summer heat by decreasing the solar energy that enters your home or business. Last years summer heatwave shattered records and Greater Victoria residents could barely cope.  Get ahead of this years summer heat...

Digitally Printed Graphics

Window Graphics for Your Commercial Space Digitally printed graphics will take your business to the next level. At a minimum, all commercial windows and entry doors should have a clear, UV rejecting security window film applied, this alone will reduce the fading of...

Victoria Window Tinting

Victoria's Trusted Source for Window Tinting Every piece of glass can use some sort of window film or tinting solution.  Window tinting is very common throughout Victoria in both the residential and commercial markets.  Tinting regular, clear glass will reduce the...

Condo Must Do Upgrade

A quick, cost-effective condo must do upgrade is solar window film. If you've just bought a condo, consider applying window film to your windows before your move in to protect yourself from the sun.  This really is a must do upgrade for all Victoria condo owners. If...



Jennifer McKimmie

General Manager, Oak Bay Marine Group

We are very happy with our window film from Prodigy Window Solutions. The results were immediate and it has made a huge difference to our operations. Paul was knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Highly recommend!


– Principal Designer, Lee Luxford a+d

We had film on the windows installed to reduce heat gain and glare to our west facing (and very large) windows. He over came our hesitation with his knowledge and long standing experience of the industry and precedents. It was amazing to watch him work and it turned out that he is a perfectionist installer as well…almost impossible to see that anything had been added. Lovely to experience an immediate heat reduction. Thank you Paul!

Gracey Jewels

– Victoria Home Owner

Highly recommend Prodigy Window Solutions. I had this film installed to protect against flying glass during an earthquake but it also has the added benefit of blocking UV rays and heat reduction. Paul did a great job and the price was very affordable with an excellent warranty.

Darren Laur

– Victoria Home Owner

Just an excellent product, but even better customer services! We looked at 3 different companies, had all three provide quotes. Prodigy listened to our needs, and provided us with a product that met those needs at a very reasonable price point. Since the installation of solar film, we have significantly reduced the heat signature in our home given our west facing windows! We strongly recommend Prodigy as your first choice here on lower Vancouver Island!

About Prodigy Window Solutions

Prodigy Window Solutions is Victoria’s most experienced window tinting company

Our installers are in-house and have over 25 years experience of flat-glass window tint and film experience around the Greater Victoria area. No job is too small and no tint or job is too big. When it comes to window films and window tinting solutions, we have you covered.

Trusted by Victoria’s builders, architects and designers, Prodigy Window Solutions is professional, always on time, easy to communicate with and offers a range of convenient evening and weekend time slots to fit your busy schedule.

Window Films Enhance Low E Windows
Reduce Summer Heat

So Why Choose Prodigy Window Solutions?

Unmatched Expertise

With over 25 years of staff-industry experience, Prodigy Window Solutions provides unparalleled knowledge and skill in all types of window film installation, ensuring you receive the best possible service in the Greater Victoria and surrounding areas.

Customized Solutions

Our premium window films are available in a variety of colours. Available from clear to black out. The aesthetic appeal of your glass while offering maximum solar heat gain reduction, glare protection, and UV rejection is a priority of ours and we have the right solution for you.

Quality Assurance

Prodigy takes pride in our in-house team of qualified flat-glass installers, delivering excellent quality control and customer satisfaction with each installation, setting us apart from competitors who outsource their work.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Prodigy Window Solutions saves on overhead costs by not renting expensive commercial office space, allowing us to offer our premium solar window film solutions at competitive prices without compromising on quality or service.

Fast Turnaround & Flexible Scheduling

We value your time and offer a swift 3-5 business day installation window after payment processing. Our convenient evening and weekend installations cater to your busy schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.

Experience Unmatched Residential Window Film and Tinting Solutions in Victoria BC with Prodigy Window Solutions 

At Prodigy Window Solutions, we prioritize your safety and comfort, offering cutting-edge window film and tinting services to protect your home. Our high-quality safety and security films are specifically designed to boost the resilience of your residential windows, providing an effective deterrent against potential break-ins. These films diminish visible light transmittance, ensuring enhanced privacy without compromising on natural light.

Stay Comfortable with Our Superior Window Tinting Service

Bright sunlight in Victoria BC can lead to increased indoor temperatures and excessive glare, causing both discomfort and potential damage to your furnishings. Our professional window tinting solutions effectively mitigate these issues. Our window tint reduces heat and glare, creating a more comfortable indoor environment. What’s more, the darkened look of the window tint adds an element of modern style to your home, providing essential protection against harmful UV rays.

Seamless Window Film Installation

Our team of skilled installers uses a soapy water technique during application. This method ensures a bubble-free and perfect fit to your windows. We aim for top-tier results, leaving your windows professionally finished and beautifully tinted to your desired level of darkness.

Preserve Your Furnishings with Top-notch UV Protection

Direct exposure to sunlight over time can cause your home’s interiors to fade and degrade. Our high-grade window films protect against this, blocking a significant majority of the sun and harmful UV rays. This UV protection helps maintain the vibrancy and lifespan of your furnishings, ensuring they look fresh and new for longer.

Choose Prodigy for Quick Turnarounds and Superior Quality

At Prodigy Window Solutions, we’re proud of our swift turnaround times, with most window film and tint installations completed within 3 to 5 business days. We provide a wide range of films, each tailored to your specific needs, be it enhanced security, reducing heat, or adding a desirable tint to your windows. Trust Prodigy Window Solutions for the ultimate window protection against the sun and potential break-ins.

Contact us today to learn more about our window tint and film solutions. Protect your home with Prodigy Window Solutions – your safety, comfort, and style is our priority.