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Security Window Film

What is Security Window Film?

Security window film is a polyester, or PET film that’s applied to glazing to hold the glass together if it is shattered. The thicker the window film, the more penetrable force it can withstand allowing for greater protection from theft. These products are available in tinted and frost matte versions as well.

A burglar can smash through your windows and steal valuables like computers, tools, jewellery or confidential information with just one swing at your glass.

Security window films applied to the interior surface of your windows slow criminals down from gaining access to your home or business and make it more difficult and time consuming to gain entry.

The time and effort that it takes to get through security window film, allows your alarm system to react and alert the authorities. The would-be burglar becomes frustrated and moves on to easier victims.

Security window films can be use as window tint

Fade reduction and selective solar control

Regular Window

With Security Window Film

How Security Window Films Work

Security window films are made with super aggressive adhesive throughout the multiple layers of the film and the mounting side that bonds to glass.

The adhesive forms a molecular bond between the layers of the film and glass and holds it together, even after multiple impacts. If the glass does break, it remains adhered to the film and in most cases, will stay intact in its frame. The tensile strength, coupled with the elasticity and resistance to shear force aids in the ability of eliminating the chance of objects penetrating the window film.

Security Film and Alarms

When security window films are used in conjunction with alarm systems, the alarms are still triggered when the glass breaks alerting the authorities but the burglar is held back from the strength of the film. Repeated attempts create more noise and take more time before access is gained.

Other Benefits of Security Window Films

Other benefits include fade reduction and selective solar control. Security window films are available as window tint. Window tinting is very effective at reducing the damaging effects of the sun by eliminating 99% of UV rays and up to 86% of solar heat and glare.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes security window film so strong?

The tear resistance and tensile strength of the multiple bonded layers of film is what makes it so strong. These characteristics allow it to hold together even after multiple attacks with blunt or sharp objects or tools.

Does security window film offer me anything else other than just security?

Yes, security film, whether clear or tinted, will eliminate 99.9% of UV rays which will give you increased fade protection.