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Anti-Graffiti Window Films

Finally – an easy, cost-effective way to combat the effects of storefront vandalism!

Prodigy Window Solutions is proud to introduce our new line of Anti-Graffiti Window Films specifically designed to reduce the costly effects of vandalism to store or office window fronts and stainless steel/chrome surfaces. Whether it’s damage resulting from scratching, tagging with spray paint, permanent marker or chemical etching, our Anti-Graffiti window films will provide your business with superior protection in the face of rising commercial vandalism.

Provides an invisible shield that protects the primary surface

A great way to protect almost any surface.

Anti-Graffiti Window Film is a more cost effective solution to repairing damage caused by vandalism than standard glass or stainless panel replacement. Comparatively, replacement films costs only cents on the dollar compared to hundreds dollars for new window or stainless panel replacement.

Easy replacement

Once damaged by vandals, the film’s specially designed mounting adhesive makes it easy to remove and replace with a fresh layer of protective film.

Invisible protective barrier

Our anti-graffiti film is a clear, thick polyester window film that is affixed to the exterior side of the window glass or stainless panels, providing an invisible shield that takes the full abuse while protecting the primary surface.

Vandals cannot see the film, so they don’t know it’s there. Vandals think they are either scratching, paint tagging or etching your windows or chrome surfaces while in fact all they are damaging is the protective layer of film which is easily removed and replaced with a fresh layer of protection.

Personal protection

In the event of glass breakage, our films help hold the glass fragmentation together reducing the risk of personal injury, property loss and the hassle of glass clean up.

UV protection

Our anti-graffiti film is bonded by special adhesives and impregnated with ultra violet (UV) inhibitors to assist in reducing the harmful effects of the sun on fabrics, draperies, upholstery, carpeting, art and furniture.