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Seismic-Safety Window Film

Seismic-Safety Window Film

Seismic-safety window film is the best way to ensure protection from fracturing glass during and after an earthquake. Victoria, B.C. is located in an active earthquake zone and we need to be prepared for an earthquake strong enough to cause significant damage or personal injury.

All windows in homes and businesses should either be factory laminated or have an after-market window film applied. This will ensure the glass is contained within their frames during and after a large earthquake should they break and fail.

Prodigy Window Solutions is an industry leader in earthquake safety window films. Our employees have been consulted by architects and designers to help them protect their projects since 1998. We are Victoria’s most experienced seismic-safety window film installation company and our expertise in this space separates us from our competitors.

Seismic Safety Window Films are available clear or tinted

Seismic Mitigation Window Film

To help reduce the possibility of injury during an earthquake, over 6000 pieces of glass at the Victoria General Hospital were treated with our seismic mitigation window film. 75% of the film has solar reflective qualities to help reduce eye strain, solar heat gain and improve the HVAC operating systems.

Reduce Human Injury and Property Damage

Seismic safety window film is used to help reduce human injury and property damage due to broken glass caused by a seismic event.

Windows under cyclic racking loads caused by earthquakes can cause glass to break into shards and potentially harm people and property.

Windows can literally explode out of their frames, sending deadly shards of glass flying like daggers up to 300km/hr.

Glass fragments following the Mexico City earthquake were found embedded in floors and desks.

Standards for Seismic Testing

How do you know if you’re receiving an approved earthquake safety window film for your project? Ask for proof.

After extensive testing performed in June of 2001, Dr. Graham Taylor of TBG Seismic Consultants and Dr. Helmut Prion of the University of British Columbia developed the world’s first specification for Seismic Mitigation of Glazing.

Improve the Quality  of Your Home and Work Spaces

Do not be fooled by others that claim that their window films are comparable to ours. Unless they’ve paid to do the required seismic standardization test on their product and can prove it in writing, they do not have a comparable product and shouldn’t be considered for your project.

Seismic Safety Window Films are available clear or tinted.  It is recommended that purchasers consider one of our tinted versions to further reduce the operating costs of their HVAC systems and improve the quality of their homes or work spaces by reducing glare, heat and UV rays.

Contact us today to learn more about our solutions and how we can help protect you and your real estate investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes seismic window film so strong?

The tear resistance and tensile strength of seismic window film is the secret. These allow it to hold together during an earthquake without tearing and falling off of the glass surface. The films mounting adhesive keeps everything together within the frame containing any glass fragmentation.

This safety solution also makes for easier post disaster clean up and offers peace of mind from looting and weather damage until you can replace any damaged windows.