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Victoria Window Film and Glass Tinting

Victoria Window Film and Glass Tinting

Prodigy Window Solutions is a Victoria company that specializes in the application of window film and glass tinting solutions for homes and businesses.

Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of home and business owners on Vancouver Island regulate the damaging effects of the sun with the application of cost-effective window tinting solutions.

Applied to your existing windows, this upgrade will immediately transform your ordinary glass to laminated safety glass and help regulate UV rays and temperatures year round. With the right type of film, we can even improve your daytime privacy, making it almost impossible for people to see inside during daylight hours.

Window film, commonly referred to as glass tinting, is also very effective at reducing solar heat-gain, sun glare and 99.9% of UV rays; offering superior fade control.

There are many different types of window tinting solutions offered by multiple manufacturers but not all perform or look the same.

These tinted films compliment a building’s aesthetics and efficiency

Reflective Window Films – are usually made with sputtered metals. Because of this, reflective window films are very effective at increasing daytime privacy as well as reflecting greater amounts of solar energy.

Non-Reflective Window Films– are made with ceramics. These types of window tinting products offer comfort from the sun without the mirrored appearance. They are great for residential applications because they don’t drastically change the look of the glass. They are commonly used by stratas and building management companies because of their neutral-looking appearance.

Dual-Reflective Window Films – offer exceptional solar rejection performance with a neutral finish. These window films maintain views with reduced interior and exterior reflectance while increasing daytime privacy.. These tinted films compliment a building’s aesthetics and efficiency while maintaining minimal night time reflectivity.

Coloured Window Films – are typically used for architectural effects only. They can transform an ordinary piece of glass into whatever your creative mind can come up with.

Exterior Window Films – are applied to the exterior of skylights to dramatically and instantly reduce the solar heat gain and glare.

Benefits of tinting your windows with one of our window film solutions:

  • Immediate results
  • Reduced solar heat gain and sun glare
  • Increased fade control by eliminating 99.9% of UV rays
  • Applied in minutes
  • Residential lifetime warranty
  • Compliments heat pumps by reducing their operating time & power consumption
  • Increases personal safety & property protection during & after earthquakes
  • Easy clean & care
  • Increases daytime privacy

Frequently Asked Questions

Will tinting my windows damage my windows?

No, not if the correct film-to-glass guidelines are followed. Today’s window films are specifically designed to work with and enhance single and dual pane windows including Low E glass. Manufacturers residential lifetime warranties with glass fracture/seal failure coverage come standard.

How will tinting my windows affect my plants?

For plants that typically wilt before the end of a sunny day, you may notice that they actually thrive even better once window film is installed. By rejecting some of the bright light and heat that can cause delicate flowers and leaves to burn or lose moisture, window films create a more balanced environment for these types of plants.