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Commercial Solutions

Window Tinting and Films

Building owners and property managers in Victoria, B.C. are saving a lot of money after applying window tinting to thousands of single and double-pane windows.

Window tinting will make your office environment more comfortable year-round, reduce computer screen glare and increase the safety during an earthquake.

Commercially favored window tinting solutions include: Silver 35 which stops an incredible 65% of solar heat gain, while reducing glare by approximately 62%; NSN 35, a film that stops 73% of solar heat gain while the human eye perceives 65% of the visual light and any of our new premium ceramic-based window tints.

Storefront Applications

We have numerous window tinting solutions that will make your windows more efficient and safer without changing your view or decreasing ample amounts of light. We can give you the option of having daytime privacy and slow down fading of your window displays and carpeting by eliminating 99% of the ultraviolet rays.

Storefront favored window tinting solutions include: NSN 70, a film that is almost transparent but rejects 44% of the sun’s heat; PL Series which rejects up to 86% and any of our seismic-safety window tints.

Anti-Graffiti Solutions For Your Business

Finally – an easy, cost-effective way to combat the effects of storefront vandalism!

Prodigy Window Solutions is proud to introduce our new line of Anti-Graffiti Window Films specifically designed to reduce the costly effects of vandalism to storefront or office glazing as well as stainless steel/chrome surfaces within the Greater Victoria area.

Whether it’s damage resulting from scratching, tagging from spray painting or permanent markers or chemical etching, our Anti-Graffiti window films will provide your business with superior protection in the face of rising commercial vandalism.

Cost effective solution to vandalism

Anti-Graffiti window films are a cost-effective solution in repairing damage to glass that’s caused by vandalism.

Comparatively, to replace the glass rather than the film would be expensive. Plus, your insurance premium will take a hit, possibly increasing your insurance premiums.

Anti-Graffiti window films are applied all over Greater Victoria protecting businesses you walk by everyday without even knowing they’re there.

Security Window Tinting & Privacy

As a business owner or property manager, the worst time to get a call about your real estate interest being vandalized is in the middle of the night or if you’re away and can’t respond.

By applying a security window film or tint to your glazing, you’ll have the piece of mind knowing that it’s almost impossible to get past your treated glass.

When an attack happens to a window that’s been treated, your glass breakage sensor alarm should go off and silently alert the police. While this alert happens, the attack usually continues but the perpetrators are unaware that the glass has been strengthened and can withstand multiple blows taking a lot longer to break through. This valuable time that security window film takes away from the attackers is its secret which allows the police to respond in time to hopefully, catch the criminals in the act.

At the very least, the attackers will become perturbed and move along to an easier and more suitable target.

Frosted privacy versions of our security window tint solutions are now available. This increased privacy hides your contents from prying eyes which helps in reduced attempted break-ins.

Reduce HVAC Operation Costs

If you’re in facilities management, you already know the troubles curtain walls present to large, open spaces.

Having all that glass is great to increase the openness, light and esthetics but the amount of solar energy that blasts through the glass will immediately throw your AC out of whack making various zones try to compete with the continuing build up of excessive heat gain and you won’t be able to win this battle.

The only way to mitigate the amount of solar heat gain that comes through a curtain wall is with window tinting.

Vancouver Island Cancer Clinic – RJH, Victoria British Columbia

This installation was with our tinted seismic-safety window film. It is now protecting the Cancer Clinic’s occupants from injury during an earthquake as the curtain wall was immediately next to the main stairwell egress and it’s controlling the amount of morning sun that pours into the space.

We love working in Victoria, B.C. and are proud to say that we’ve been awarded some of the most prestigious window tinting jobs to date.

Let us help you with your next window film project.