Condo Must Do Upgrade

Condo Must Do Upgrade

A quick, cost-effective condo must do upgrade is solar window film.

If you’ve just bought a condo, consider applying window film to your windows before your move in to protect yourself from the sun.  This really is a must do upgrade for all Victoria condo owners.

If you already own a condo and have any sun exposure, you know how hot it can get when the sun comes out.  You most likely close your blinds to deal with the solar heat gain don’t you?  And by doing so, you lose your view.  Well, now you don’t have to do that.

By applying one of our solar window film solutions to the interior side of your glass, you’ll be able to keep your blinds open during the day and enjoy your view.  The window film will reduce the solar heat gain and the sun glare while enhancing your view and provide you with additional earthquake protection from breaking glass.

Our best selling solar window film solution is non-reflective.  A ceramic-based solution which contains no metal making it extremely light in appearance.  This solar window film solution reduces solar heat gain and sun glare up to 85% plus the damaging UV rays by 99%.

Non-reflective solar window films are perfect for strata-living environments and are currently installed on hundreds of condos and townhouses throughout Greater Victoria.

Don’t wait another day, contact us for your free in-home consultation to learn more about our window film solutions.