Condo Window Film – Victoria

Condo Window Film

Do You Own A Condo? Do You Close Your Blinds When The Sun Comes Out? Well, Now You Don’t Have to.

Condo Window Film – Victoria, this is incredibly popular nowadays.  It is widely used and approved by strata councils around the city.  This is because it’s very light in appearance and doesn’t change the look of glass.


A window film solution that’s effective at reducing solar heat gain, sun glare and > 99.9 UV rays.  It adds a protective layer creating an effective safety curtain that increases personal safety during an earthquake.  What peace of mind and what a product!

Designed to be applied to single, dual pane and Low E glass, it is safe to use with today’s most advanced window systems.

It will also enhance any view you may enjoy because it’s effective at reducing white light, the spectrum of the sun that causes glare.  Think of it like wearing polarized sunglasses but for your home.  Imagine being able to leave your blinds open when the sun comes out and enjoy the view you have.  Well, now you can and you’ll be surprised at how low the cost really is.

Here’s a great example of a high-rise condo located on the 17th floor of one of Victoria’s tallest buildings.  It enjoys incredible west-facing views but the home owner was forced to close their blinds to block out the afternoon heat and glare, but not anymore.

You can see in the picture that the patio door is open to show the amount of white light that is present and creating glare.  The right panel shows the view behind our window film solution.


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