Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

The answer is no, window film does not cause seal failure.  In fact, laboratory testing has demonstrated that Insulated Glass Units are not negatively effected by window film.   Therefore, seal failures in dual pane windows happen for other reasons.  The myth of window film “blowing seals” is simply not true.  Window film is specifically designed for Insulated Glass Units and is safe to use with today’s modern window systems. Let’s take a look at what actually causes Insulated Glass Units to fail?


Why Do Window Seals Break?

Seal failures in Insulated Glass Units are the result of the windows insulating properties being compromised.  This can be because of the age of the windows, manufacturing defects or tiny glass fractures.  Once the bond between the panes of glass and spacer tube has been broken, the seal’s compromised.

Insulated Glass Units have two panes of glass sealed to a spacer.  The spacer separates the glass and contains a water-absorbing chemical known as desiccant.  The air space between the glass is typically Argon gas, an insulting component.  If the seal is broken, the gas escapes allowing outside air to enter.  If this happens, the desiccant becomes saturated and can’t absorb moisture.  When this happens, condensation appears and the unit has failed.

Today’s manufacturers of windows and doors claim that window films cause seals to fail and glass to break.  That window film increases thermal heat gain and blows out seals.  This isn’t true, it’s a myth and a lie. Window films are designed and tested to enhance windows, not destroy them.  They only say this to sway consumers into buying their window systems and not using window film; a much better, cost-effective solution or upgrade.


The Best Thing You Can Do Is To Talk To An Expert

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