Earthquake Safety Window Film –

Earthquake Safety Window Film

What’s The Best Way To Protect Windows from Earthquakes?

Earthquake Safety Window Film.  Victoria, B.C. is in an active earthquake zone and we need to be prepared for an earthquake strong enough to cause significant damage or personal injury.


We recently applied this solution to the windows at the Canadian Red Cross Society located at 909 Fairfield Road in Victoria, B.C.   They contacted us to consult about their building and help protect their property, staff and customers.  They also wanted to increase their comfort year round by reducing excessive solar heat gain during the warmer months.

We recommended our reflective series earthquake safety window film.  The same solution we applied at Victoria General Hospital in View Royal.  It’s very effective at securing windows to frames and keeping glass together when shattered.  It also increases daytime privacy and reduces HVAC operating costs; other attributes they were keen on.

Tested at the UBC Earthquake Testing Laboratory, this solution has become the world’s first seismic mitigation product for securing windows.

If you are concerned about your windows shattering during an earthquake, contact Prodigy Window Solutions to find out how we can assist you.  We’d love to add your job to our portfolio and protect you and your loved ones.