Heat Wave – Victoria Window Film

Summer heat wave

Heat Wave – Victoria window film & glass tinting solutions is a very smart decision.  It’s a great way to combat rising temperatures.  Window film provides increased comfort and piece of mind year-round.

Window film reduces solar heat gain, sun glare and UV rays.  Effectively eliminating up to 96% of IR (infrared) rays, 99% of UV rays while adding a Low e component.  Therefore these attributes enhance ordinary glass and upgrades it to today’s green standards.

Ongoing recording breaking temperatures and heat waves in Victoria have proven to be incredibly uncomfortable.  Window film is a cost-effective solution that will make your home or business a lot more comfortable year-round.  It also adds value to your real estate investment and increases safety.

“The heat dome, which hit western Canada and the U.S. at the end of June is believed to be responsible for more than 600 deaths.  It set national temperature records and preceded the fire that razed the community of Lytton to its foundations” – referenced

Elderly adults, younger children and people with chronic illnesses are more at-risk of heat stroke.  These deaths can be avoided with the use of window film and the reduction of room temperatures.

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