Low Emissivity Window Films

Low Emissivity Window Films

What Are The Benefits Of Low E Window Film?

Low emissivity window films have become a choice for upgrading existing windows to todays green standards.

Low Emissivity Window Films

Low-emissivity (Low-E) window films are applied to the interior side of existing windows.  They can contain silver or gold coatings that reflect outside heat in the summer and retain interior heat in the winter.

Low-E coatings have traditionally been applied to windows in a factory setting.  However, aftermarket window films make it possible to achieve the same insulating value by applying a thin coated-polyester film on-site reducing both heat gain and heat loss.

Low-E window film presents the possibility of considerable HVAC cost savings.

Energy Efficiency

Improved insulating performance between 20% – 30% offers greater cooling savings when compared to other solar control films.  This technology also offers an average of 20% in heat savings.


Because of this technology’s potential for year-round energy savings, payback is estimated at three years or less.  Specific energy and cost savings depend on factors including a building’s window-to-wall ratio, window shading, climate, and utility rates.

Occupant Satisfaction

By minimizing uncontrolled heat gain and heat loss, low-E window film promises to increase climate-related occupant satisfaction. This technology also reduces glare, allowing better diffusion of natural light within the environment, making it easier to see computer monitors.

Operations & Maintenance

Because low-E window film does not require additional maintenance over standard windows, its impact on O&M is negligible.

Deployment Potential

Low-E window film is suitable to windows in all climates but is especially effective in climates with both cooling and heating seasons.
The Green Proving Ground program has commissioned Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory to perform real-world measurement and verification of low-emissivity window film in a pilot installation in a federally-owned building.

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