Plants & Window Film – Victoria BC

Plants & Window Film - Victoria BC
A common misconception about window film is that it’s harmful to house plants, but that’s not the case.  Just as film can help conserve energy and protect you from earthquakes, it can also protect and let your plants grow like never before.

A Green Thumbs Up

A Green Thumbs UpSolar control window film  blocks UV rays – not the red and blue rays that plants need to grow and flower.  Plants will do better behind a window film.  This is because window film provides stable temperatures making for better growing conditions.  Window film also helps your plants retain moisture better for longer periods of time.  Just remember, all plants, especially fussy ones, need time to adjust to a new environment.  If you see wilting or colour loss after installing a window film, don’t panic.  Allow the plant a few days to adjust & watch it flourish.

Other Benefits of Window Film

Other Benefits of Window FilmBy regulating the sun’s solar energy, window film maintains a comfortable temperature in your home year-round.  It will reduce air conditioning & heating costs conserving energy and saving you money.  By blocking >99.9% of the damaging UV rays, it also protects your skin and offers significant fade protection for furniture, carpets, woodwork, and other interior furnishings.  Window film also reduces sun glare to improve visibility and your view.

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