Reduce Fading – Solar Window Film

Reduce Fading - Solar Window Film

Reduce Fading – Solar Window Film

We were recently contracted by Luxe Home Interiors at 2655 Douglas Street in Victoria, B.C. to install our new premium grade solar window film. We installed a non-reflective solution to reduce the fading without darkening their showroom.

This solar window film solution is a perfect upgrade to any existing window.  The natural look it offers is almost invisible and a great choice for storefront windows.  It eliminates 99.9% of the UV rays, reduces almost 60% of solar heat gain and sun glare.  In addition, it offers protection from earthquakes should the glass fracture.  This was important because it means that they could remain open after an earthquake.

They also effectively reduce IR rays and visible light that contribute to fading.  If your home has no window tinting presently installed on the glass, all your possessions are being damaged by the sun.

If you have any area rugs in your home, go over to them right now and pull up a corner.  Look at the floor underneath and if there’s a visible difference you need window tinting on your windows.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with your window film project, we’d love to help you.