Reduce Solar Heat & Sun Glare

Reduce Solar Heat & Sun Glare
Solar window films were invented to reduce solar heat & sun glare.  They are designed to work with all types of glass including Low E and double pane.

Check out this view from the top of Bear Mountain in Langford, B.C.  We’ve made it even better for the home owners.  By applying one of our non-reflective solar window films, they have reduced morning glare and UV damage to their furniture and floors.

Repeat customers of ours, they contacted us again to help them with their new home.  As beautiful as this view is, they experienced dramatic temperature swings as soon as the sun started to rise.

Our solution is now reducing the solar heat gain by almost 65% the sun glare by over 50% and >99% of UV rays.

This solution reduced the amount of white light coming into the home which means less squinting.  It’s like putting on a pair of quality sunglasses and because of this, the view is sharper, clearer and easier to enjoy.

These now-treated windows are also giving the home owners additional protection from breaking glass during and after an earthquake.  Another great benefit to installing window film to windows and doors.

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