Reduce Summer Heat

Reduce Summer Heat

Reduce Summer Heat With Window Film

You can easily reduce summer heat with window film.

As I drive around Victoria, I’m noticing more and more people closing their blinds during the day.  They do this to mitigate the suns heat and reduce the glare.  However, by doing this they are loosing their views and shutting themselves in.

There is a solution to this and it’s called solar window film.  Solar window film will reduce the damaging effects of the sun and allow you to keep your blinds open and enjoy your view.  In fact, window film will actually enhance your view by reducing the amount of glare.

Imagine being able to have your blinds open without experiencing the negative effects from the sun.

Today’s window films are specifically designed for today’s window systems.  Single, dual pane and even Low E windows will benefit from a premium window film upgrade.  Window film is safe for these types of windows.  They will not damage seals or crack glass.  Standard factory warranties are 25 years for residential installations and 15 for commercial.

Traditional window films are typically dark, reflective and mirrored. Today’s are almost clear and non-reflective.

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