Reduce Sun Glare & Solar Heat Gain

Reduce Sun Glare & Solar Heat Gain

What’s The Best Way To Reduce Sun Glare & Solar Heat Gain?

Window Film is the most cost-effective solution 

Reducing sun glare & solar heat gain is easy for window film.  It’s why it was invented back in the 1960’s during the energy crisis.

Applied to the interior surface of glass, window films can reduce sun glare by up to 86%.  They also reduce up to 96% of IR rays, which is the heat we can feel on our skin and eliminate >99.9% of UV rays.  This type of solution is similar to putting polarized sunglasses on your home.  The reduction in solar glare is immediately noticeable.  Your eyes will love this and you’ll be able to see your T.V. without having to close your blinds.

Don’t lose your view just because the sun comes out.  Keep it and keep your blinds open.  Enhance it with a solar window film applied to your home or business today and start enjoying the many benefits window films offer.

Window film is designed for and safe to use on single, dual pane and Low E windows.

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