Residential Window Film

Residential Window Film - Victoria

Residential Window Film

Does your home become too hot during the summer months?  If so, we have the solution for you and it’s not that expensive.  Applying a premium solar control window film to your windows can be the answer you’ve been searching for.

Residential window film is gaining popularity.  It is used to reduce solar heat gain, sun glare and fading.  In recent years, we’ve seen a dramatic rise with the demand for this solution throughout the Greater Victoria area.

Did you know that windows account for up to 70 percent of cooling and heating costs and they are the easiest way for energy to transfer in and out of your home?  Window film fixes this.

Our window film solutions are specifically designed to be installed on today’s most advanced window systems. This includes Low E and double pane windows.

Some of the many benefits that our window films offer:

  • Reduce Solar Heat Gain
  • Eliminating >99.9 UV rays
  • Reducing solar glare
  • Increasing fade protection
  • Enhancing daytime views
  • Providing additional earthquake protection 24/7
  • Increasing comfort levels – year round

So, with an ROI of 2-3 years and the many benefits window films offer, it makes perfect sense to contact us today to learn more and add this incredible cost-effective solution to your home.