Security Window Film – Victoria

Security Window Film

Security Window Film – Victoria – A cost-effective way to protect your home or business from unwanted intruders.

Security window film applied to the surface of a window, transforms ordinary glass to laminated glass.  Best results are achieved when it’s installed onto the interior surface.  Window film can increase glass strength up to 400x times.  Security window films therefore slow criminals down from gaining access to your home or business making it difficult to gain entry.  Security window films offer incredible piece of mind.

How Security Window Films Work

The window films aggressive adhesive and thickness is its secret.  The adhesives used in these films form a molecular bond to the glass and holds it together, even after multiple impacts.  Should the glass finally break, it will remain adhered to the film and in most cases, stay in the frame.

Security film tensile strength, elasticity and resistance to shear force reduces the chance of penetration or failure.  These attributes also make security window film an excellent safety barrier during and after earthquakes or natural disasters.

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