Earthquake Safety Window Film

Safety Window Film

Earthquake safety for windows is often overlooked but shouldn’t be.

Earthquake safety window film offers piece of mind.

Imagine being in bed, fast asleep when suddenly you’re jarred awake in the middle of the night by an incredibly strong earthquake.  Your windows shaking so violently they blow out exploding  glass across your room and onto your floors.  You need to find safety because you’re worried your house might collapse so you instinctively jump out of bed and onto the broken glass cutting the bottoms of your feet, becoming immobilized.  Imagine you’re at work and all the surrounding glass starts exploding and crashing all around you, there’s no where to hide from the flying glass so you’re forced to drop right where you stand and hope for the best.

Are these scenarios the types of situations you want to find yourself in?  Of course not and we have the solution to help protect you and your loved ones making sure this never happens to you.

Earthquake safety window film is applied to the inside surface of a window which acts as a barrier between people and glass.  Should the treated glass break, the fragmentation is held in place by the window film inside the frame, protecting people and property.

Commonly referred to as seismic safety window film, these products are available clear and in tinted versions to reduce sun glare, solar heat gain and UV rays.

One of the many jobs we’ve completed was The Royal Theatre at 805 Broughton Street.  All of the lobby windows on both sides of the building have been treated with our earthquake safety window film.  Next time you’re their enjoying a show, walk over to the windows and check out our work.


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