Skylight Window Film

Skylight Window Film

What’s The Best Way to Reduce Heat From My Skylight?

Skylight Window Film.  Its the most cost-effective way to reduce unwanted solar heat gain that skylights produce.


Nowadays, most homes and businesses have skylites. These are a great way to brighten up darker areas inside of buildings but they have a huge downfall; they let in too much heat and UV rays which cause interior temperatures to soar and damage floors, artwork and furniture. Not to mention the potential injury from falling glass during an earthquake. So how can you fix this if you have these problems or concerns? With one of our solar window films which are specifically designed for skylites.

These window film solutions are an effective way of upgrading the existing skylight glazing without having to replace them.  These films can reduce up to 86% of the solar heat gain, 84% of the solar glare and 99% of the UV rays while letting in most of the natural light.

They can be safely applied to single and dual pane skylight systems.  Our largest skylight installation is the open skylight system that’s suspended six floors up at the Greater Victoria Library, Main Branch located at 735 Broughton Street.  Swing by to check it out, we’re very proud of this addition to our portfolio.


If you’ve got a skylight that lets in too much heat, give us a call.  We’d love to help make your home or business more comfortable.