Solar Window Film on Waterfront Homes

Solar Window Film
Solar window films are an incredible, cost-effective upgrade for waterfront home owners in Victoria, British Columbia.  When glare off the water and sun damage need to be reduced without changing or altering your view, window film is your best choice.

Our industry leading solar window films offer peace of mind through superior performance.  They are specifically designed for all types of glass including Low E and double-pane glass.

Typically, window films are designed to be installed on the interior surface of existing windows.  This installation protects the film from the salt water spray and allows the product to last over the manufacturers warranty period of 25 years.  Premium window films out perform today’s newest window technologies in almost every way.

For years, roller screens or blinds were the only answer to protecting waterfront homes from the suns damaging effects, but they reduce or even eliminate the beautiful views when closed.  If left open, the home is left unprotected and fading and solar heat gain increases.  Solar window film fixes this dilemma and even increases the view.

Window film also increases comfort, property and personal protection from breaking glass during and after an earthquake.  This benefit is incredible piece of mind.

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