UV Reducing Window Film

UV Window Film

UV Reducing Window Film – For your home or business

UV reducing window film is the most effective way of increasing fade protection.  Applied to the inside surface of your windows, it acts as a protective barrier and eliminates >99% of UV rays.  Available in clear and tinted versions.  Tinted solar control window films offer more fade protection.

UV rays alone, contribute to 40% of fading.  Solar heat accounts for 25%, visual light 25% with the remaining 10% being various variables.  The fall and winter seasons are the best time of the year to experience the advantages of a premium UV window film as they also increase glare reduction.

Solar glare is annoying and causes people to close their blinds or curtains which eliminates their view and natural light.  Window films allow you to keep your blinds open during the day and enjoy your view.  They offer protection from the suns damaging rays and increased earthquake protection year-round, which is incredible piece of mind.

UV reducing window film is a great investment for the protection of your home and business and should be installed on all of your windows and doors.

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