Victoria Window Films & Glass Tinting

Victoria Window Films & Glass Tinting
Victoria, window films & glass tinting products reduce summer heat by decreasing the solar energy that enters your home or business.

Last years summer heatwave shattered records and Greater Victoria residents could barely cope.  Get ahead of this years summer heat and protect yourself and your loved ones.

Types of Solar Window Films

There are many different varieties and shades of solar window film that you can have installed on your home or business.  Typically, our customers prefer to go with a 50% – 70% VLT non-reflective solution.  These grades of tint offer solar rejection qualities up to 65%, increased privacy and of course added earthquake protection without hardly even changing the look of your existing glass.

On sunny days, homes and businesses are bombarded by IR rays which cause room temperatures to dramatically increase.  By reducing the IR saturation, solar window films regulate room temperature and heat-loss making your home more enjoyable year-round.  They also increase your view by reducing the sun glare.

Additional benefits include: Earthquake protection from flying glass fragments and increased fade protection by eliminating >99% of UV rays.

Contact us today to have one of our premium solar control window film solutions installed in your home or business and beat the heat.  We are Victoria Window Films & Glass Tinting experts.