Waterfront Homes I Window Film

Waterfront homes

Here’s another solar window film installation Prodigy Window Solutions recently completed on a waterfront home in Victoria, B.C.

Blinds and curtains are becoming a thing of the past for waterfront homes.   Modernize your home with a solar window film.  By investing in window tinting, you will no longer need blinds and curtains to control the light within your home.  With solar window film,  you’ll also feel more comfortable because you cannot see into your home with the tinting, yet you can see out.

Enjoy and relax within your home with a piece of mind.  Window films are durable, will enhance the look of your rooms, and offer you increased daytime privacy.

Our customer decided to permanently remove their existing blinds and replace with a solar window film solution.   The medium-grade solar film that they chose reduces the solar heat gain and sun glare by almost 2/3 from entering their home and 99.9% of the UV rays are now gone reducing their fading.

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