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Prodigy Window Solutions is Victoria’s most experienced window tinting company

Our installers are in-house and have over 25 years experience of flat glass window film installations around the Greater Victoria area. No job is too small and no job is too big. When it comes to window films and window tinting solutions, we have you covered.

Trusted by Victoria’s builders, architects and designers, Prodigy Window Solutions is professional, always on time, easy to communicate with and offers convenient evening and weekend time slots to fit your busy schedule.

Window Films Enhance Low E Windows
Window Films Enhance Low E Windows

We proudly offer Residential, Commercial and Institutional window tinting solutions.

Strata-approved, neutral window films

25-year residential warranty

Immediate reduction of solar heat gain – up to 86%

Increases your heat pump efficiency with less operation

Designed for use on Low-e and Dual Pane windows

Additional protection from earthquakes and breaking glass

Increased daytime privacy

Eliminates 99.9% of UV rays

Superior fade protection

Immediate results

Will tinting your windows darken your rooms?

No, not if you don’t want it to.
We offer dozens of types of window films and tinting products that vary in colour and thicknesses. Our most popular solar window film solution is a non-reflective, medium-coloured tint that reduces ⅔ of solar heat gain and sun glare. A neutral-in-colour appearance that’s perfect for homes and condos. Preferred by homeowners and strata councils because it doesn’t drastically change the look of glass nor darken rooms.

Do you close your blinds when the sun comes out to control the heat?

With window film, you’ll be able to leave them open and enjoy your views. Tinting your windows will give you the ability to control the amount of solar heat and sun glare entering your home without darkening your rooms.

Are your floors, furniture or artwork fading from the sun?

Window film will drastically reduce fading caused by the sun by eliminating 99.9% of UV rays. Blinds and window coverings cannot offer this level of protection. Even clear window films reject 99.9% of UV rays. Window films are the best way to protect against fading.

Do you close your blinds during the day for privacy?

With window tinting, you won’t have to. The reflective qualities of some films make it extremely difficult for people to see in during daylight hours. For night time privacy, blinds or curtains will be required.

Most Advanced Window Films and Tinting Solutions

We understand that you want to reduce the sun’s heat, glare and UV damage immediately without compromising the look of your glass and we’re here to help you; we make it easy.

With our experience, we’ll show you the best window film solution for your home or business and what you can expect in performance and peace of mind.

We offer the industry’s most advanced window films and tinting solutions that minimize solar heat gain and glare while providing 99.9% UV rejection for optimal fade protection.

Does Window Film Cause Seal Failure?

Why choose Prodigy Window Solutions?

Our expertise, reliability, and dedication to customer satisfaction has set us apart from the competition. We don’t outsource our work, which means you can trust our qualified flat-glass installers to deliver excellent quality control with every installation. Operating in a digital-only space allows us to keep our overhead low and pass the savings on to you.

Expect quick turnaround times with installations scheduled within 3-5 business days after payment processing.

Get ahead of the heat and contact us today for your free quotation. Experience immediate results with our advanced solar window film solutions.

Meet Paul Johnson

The owner of Prodigy Window Solutions is Paul Johnson. He’s a Victoria native and grew up on the West Shore. In 1994, he started tinting automobiles and quickly became one of the best flat-glass window film installers in Canada.

In 2001, he helped spearhead the world’s first seismic-safety window film standard at the University of British Columbia’s earthquake testing laboratory. In 2003, he was invited to travel to Los Angeles to price ballistic window film for their City Hall; one of only 2 Canadian companies invited to bid.

His knowledge and professionalism has allowed him to complete 1000’s of residential, commercial and institutional installations across British Columbia. In his off-time, Paul likes to create and play music and has played in many cover bands around Victoria. He’s also a proud member of the Victoria Odd Fellows, Columbia Lodge #2 and a past Juan de Fuca Kinsmen. His love for people and his community has seen him sit on many boards and committees throughout the years including Viatec, Victoria’s technology hub.

Reduce Summer Heat

Why Choose Prodigy Window Solutions?

Unmatched Expertise

With over 25 years of staff-industry experience, Prodigy Window Solutions provides unparalleled knowledge and skill in all types of window film installation, ensuring you receive the best possible service in the Greater Victoria and surrounding areas.

Customized Solutions

Our specialized, non-reflective window tints are tailored to your specific needs, preserving the aesthetic appeal of your glass while offering maximum solar heat gain reduction, glare protection, and UV rejection.

Quality Assurance

Prodigy takes pride in our in-house team of qualified flat-glass installers, delivering excellent quality control and customer satisfaction with each installation, setting us apart from competitors who outsource their work.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Prodigy Window Solutions saves on overhead costs by not renting expensive commercial office space, allowing us to offer our premium solar window film solutions at competitive prices without compromising on quality or service.

Fast Turnaround & Flexible Scheduling

We value your time and offer a swift 3-5 business day installation window after payment processing. Our convenient evening and weekend installations cater to your busy schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily routine.



Jennifer McKimmie

General Manager, Oak Bay Marine Group

We are very happy with our window film from Prodigy Window Solutions. The results were immediate and it has made a huge difference to our operations. Paul was knowledgeable, professional and efficient. Highly recommend!


– Principal Designer, Lee Luxford a+d

We had film on the windows installed to reduce heat gain and glare to our west facing (and very large) windows. He over came our hesitation with his knowledge and long standing experience of the industry and precedents. It was amazing to watch him work and it turned out that he is a perfectionist installer as well…almost impossible to see that anything had been added. Lovely to experience an immediate heat reduction. Thank you Paul!

Gracey Jewels

– Victoria Home Owner

Highly recommend Prodigy Window Solutions. I had this film installed to protect against flying glass during an earthquake but it also has the added benefit of blocking UV rays and heat reduction. Paul did a great job and the price was very affordable with an excellent warranty.

Darren Laur

– Victoria Home Owner

Just an excellent product, but even better customer services! We looked at 3 different companies, had all three provide quotes. Prodigy listened to our needs, and provided us with a product that met those needs at a very reasonable price point. Since the installation of solar film, we have significantly reduced the heat signature in our home given our west facing windows! We strongly recommend Prodigy as your first choice here on lower Vancouver Island!

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