Uses For Window Film I Victoria

Uses For Window Film
There are so many practical ways to utilize the benefits of window film.  Window film and glass tinting products should be used on all existing windows to enhance their performance.  Today’s newest technologies are being used in the manufacturing process and the results are clearer, lighter films with warranties up to 25 years.

Window Film Uses

The uses of window film are many and varied.  One of the most popular applications, however, is protection against extremes of temperature – hot and cold – and the glare of direct sunlight.

Solar window films can be used to reduce the unwanted build-up of heat in your home, or office during the summer months reducing the load on your air-conditioning system.  The infiltration of direct sunlight into a home, or workplace, can not only cause personal discomfort but can also be responsible for fading fabrics, furniture and fittings over time and window film can be equally beneficial in this respect, particularly in conservatories.

Window film can, of course, provide a safety barrier against flying shards of glass or sharp exposed edges if a window is broken.  Untreated plate glass can be a health and safety hazard to you, your family, or your employees, but glass treated with safety window film breaks in a controlled, predictable way and the broken glass remains intact in the window frame.

Here is a great animated video from one of our suppliers.  It demonstrates where window film and glass tinting products can be used.

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