Window Film vs Window Tinting

window film vs window tint
Many people refer to window tinting and window film as the same but they are two different products.  Let’s take a look at their differences

Window Film vs Window Tinting

Window film is a general term that refers to any window filming product.  These products are made from thin layers of polyester laminate.  They can be applied to all types of windows.  Whereas tint refers to any window filming product that is either dyed or coloured.  The darker the tint, the darker the film and therefore more natural light they reduce.

Many business owners choose darker tints over lighter ones.  This is because they reduce more solar glare on computer work stations and increase daytime privacy.

Nowadays, non-reflective window films are the preferred choice for homes.  This solution is virtually clear but reduces over 50% of the sun glare and solar heat gain without dramatically changing the look of glass.

Window film solutions can reduce your heating and cooling costs by up to 60%  and offer an ROI of about 3 years.

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