Window Films Reduce Fading

Window Films Reduce Fading

What’s The Best Way To Reduce Fading? – Window Film

Window films reduce fading more effectively than any other product.  Unless of course, you choose to live with your blinds closed but who wants that?


When window film is applied to glass, it reduces the damaging effects of the sun.

Here’s a great example of one of our non-reflective solar control window films applied to some dining room windows.  This particular window film solution is our most popular here in Victoria.

This homeowner contacted us and wanted a window film that would reduce the fading of their new hardwood floors without dramatically changing the look of the glass.

This particular solution reduces 99.9% of UV rays, 65% of the solar heat and 62% sun glare.  It’s been applied to the interior surface of the glass, so it’s also protecting the homeowners from glass fragmentation during and after an earthquake.

You’ll notice that the middle and right panes have been treated but not the left one. This picture demonstrates that there is hardly any difference between ordinary glass and treated glass.

These solutions are designed for today’s window systems and safe to use on single, dual pane and Low E windows.  Window films reduce fading better than any other product because they address what causes fading.


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