Window Tinting Reduces Glare

window tinting
We recently did an installation on Horne Lake on Vancouver Island, B.C.  The property faces west and the home owners complained that they had to put on sunglasses because the glare was too much.  They thought about buying blinds but didn’t want to lose this incredible view so we installed a medium-dark grade, non-reflective window tint.  This window film reduces almost 70% of the glare making their waterfront home so much nicer.

Look at the mountain in the background of the picture, you can see it so much better now that the tinting is applied.  This is because the window tinting is reducing the amount of white light our eyes see which make views so much clearer and sharper.

Most people think that window tinting darkens your home and mirrors your windows but that’s incorrect.  With recent advancements, we can now get the same level of protection from a non-reflective ceramic window film.

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