VISOA – Window Films

VISOA - Window Films
VISOA – Window films are designed to be applied to existing windows.  They are a better and cheaper alternative to full window replacement and can save you a lot of money.

Is your strata considering replacing windows or installing A/C units?

If so, you need to contact us to discuss the many advantages of window films.

When windows are in good condition, there’s no need to remove and replace them.  So why would you? By investing in a premium window film solution, you can upgrade them to today’s green energy standards.  Plus, you’ll save a lot of money in the process.

The average cost of a window film installation is between $1,200.00 – $2,100.00.  Full window replacement can cost tens of thousands of dollars and air conditioning units cost thousands of dollars as well.  In addition, they require additional structural openings into each suite plus they don’t reduce IR rays.  Infrared rays are the main cause of solar heat gain.  Window films however, can reduce up to 96% of IR rays.

Window films are typically installed on the interior surface of windows.  This increases their warranty to 25 – years plus the glass is upgraded to laminated safety glass.  This increases your personal protection and safety from earthquakes, natural disasters or possible break-ins.  Window films are also excellent at reducing solar heat gain and sun glare.  They also eliminate >99.9% of  UV rays and increase the insulating value of glass.  New windows and air conditioning units cannot compare to the value and benefits of window films.

Do window films damage dual pane seals?

The answer is no.  This is by far, the most common question we get asked.  Window films will not break your seals.  Window films are specifically designed and tested to be applied to all types of windows, excluding triple pane.  Dual pane windows fail because their water-absorbing chemical known as desiccant becomes saturated with moisture and no longer work.  The lifespan of this chemical has come to an end.  When this happens, condensation appears.  Manufacturers of windows and doors would like you to think that window film is the cause but they are not.  This myth is simply not true.

The increase of temperature that window film introduces between the two panes of glass is not enough to blow out seals. This too is a myth that’s pushed hard by our competitors to scare consumers away from window film.

VISOA – Save money, Increase Comfort and Add Value

Condo-approved, non-reflective window films are the most popular window films.  They are popular because they’re very light in colour and don’t dramatically change the look of glass.  We have installed this solution to many strata buildings around Greater Victoria and we want to include your development to our portfolio.

Recognized as Green Products, window films are an excellent way to upgrade regular windows to today’s Low e standards.


Because all of our residential window film installations come with a standard 25-year warranty, there’s no way new windows and air conditioning units can compare to the value and piece of mind window films offer.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help make your home environment more comfortable and save you a lot of money.